Effective head protection is a critical item of Personal Protective Equipment. Items include:

  • Hard hats – both normal and wide brim and in a range of colours;
  • Sun hats to protect against the sun in order to prevent sun burn or skin cancer;
  • Wide brims to fit to hard hats in order to provide the required protection from the sun for both the head and neck;
  • Chin straps to prevent a hard hat blowing off you head in strong winds;
  • Brow guards that can be fitted to the hard hat in order to fit either a clear, smoke, tinted or mesh face shield for full face protection;
  • Ear muffs that can clip into the hard hat and can be closed onto the ears in order to provide hearing protection;
  • Replacement sweet bands in the hard hat to ensure good hygiene in hot or humid environment.

Hard hats should be replaced either two years after date of issue to the user or three years from its date of manufacture. The date of manufacture can be found stamped generally on the underneath front flap of the hard hat.

Hard hats also need to be replaced if they have been dropped from a significant height or have been stuck by an item that has fallen from a significant height.

Hard hats should not be stored inside a hot car, especially on back shelves etc. as the amplified sun heat will cause deterioration of the hard hat plastic.

All hard hats and relevant components sold by SUPA Safety Shop comply with the relevant Australian Standards. Do Not buy hard hats from other countries that do not comply with Australian Standards.

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