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Wide Brim Hard Hats HHV6FB

ProChoice Wide Brim Hard Hats HHV6FB

The Pro Choice HHV6FB Wide Full Brim Hard Hat is suitable for use in a broad range of industrial settings where head protection with a wider brim is required or desired.  It has the additional feature of being “gutter free” which means that no hazardous dust or fluid can build up and result in an injury to the wearer.


  • Lightweight
  • Being a full wide brim hard hat means that the extended brim is over the neck and ears. This helps to reduce the amount of expose to harmful UV radiation coming from the sun
  • To ensure good upward vision, the brim is made slightly shorter at the front.
  • It is fitted with a 6 point ratchet harness that enable lots of adjustment so it fits most people.
  • The hard hat has air vents to allow for cooling.
  • A cotton sweatband is fitted to the front to prevents perspiration build up.
  • For added protection the hard hat has a rounded peak.
  • Gutter free to prevent chemical or other build up that could result in injury in the event of rain or water splash on the helmet
  • It is fully compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1801. This is a requirement for all workplaces in Australia.

Note: Beware of non-compliant hard hats available from overseas. If they state they comply with AS/NZS 1801, then ask for the certification certificate. See second picture for certification certificate for Pro Choice full wide brim hard hats.

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